Bring Your Own Device To Work Policy

photoPersonal electronic devices are everywhere.  Employees have their own, and the devices have amazing capabilities.  Bring-your-own-device-to-work policies (BYOD) are becoming commonplace too.

If your employees receive company information or can access company resources via cell phone or other device, then you need a policy that outlines expectations and actions.  You should consider:

  • Requiring password protection
  • Restricting access to critical proprietary information
  • Creating a procedure for lost device including report to company and ability to wipe data
  • Developing a procedure for removal of data at end of employment
  • Ensuring consistency with other computer usage policies
  • Covering after-hours work on company matters by non-exempt employees
  • Defining expectations of privacy and what may be accessed or removed by employer

There are other issues, and interplay with your existing policies and practices is important.  As with all policies, the specifics should be tailored to your business needs.


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