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Meet the authors! Tennessee edition

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It’s time to get to know the authors of the Tennessee Human Resources Manual, the attorneys at Wilson Worley PC!

1. Tell us about Wilson Worley: 

Wilson Worley PC is a general civil law firm practicing in upper East Tennessee and southwest Virginia since 1951 from offices in Kingsport, Tennessee. We listen to client needs and work to develop long-term relationships. We want to be known for the competence, quality, and skill of our people, and we are looking for ways to evolve the legal practice to be what our clients need today.

2. Who works on the Tennessee Human Resources Manual

The legwork that goes into the Manual is a collaborative effort each year.  We have an Employment Practice group that includes several lawyers, and one of its jobs is to monitor what is happening in employment law, locally and nationally.  We email newsletter updates to…

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ENDA Being Pursued Again

IMG_6162The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is proposed federal legislation to prohibit discrimination in hiring and employment decisions on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by businesses with 15 or more employees.

The bill prohibits preferential treatment and quotas but does not permit disparate impact suits. It also exempts religious organizations and the military. ENDA has been introduced in the United States Congress on numerous occasions since 1994.

The Senate voted 64 to 32 to pass  the most recent version.  ENDA is unlikely to pass the House.

Federal Court Rules Contraceptive Mandate in ACA Violates Law for Two Companies

btn-ppacaSeveral media outlets are reporting the decision by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals this week finding that the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that group healthcare plans must cover contraceptives violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  This opinion does not strike down the requirement in all applications.  The two companies who are parties to the case are closely held entities with Catholic owners.  The 2-1 decision blocks the contraceptive mandate for those two companies.