Archive | January 23, 2014

Communicating with your employees

Do you ever wonder if your workers are listening to communications from the company?  Maybe the way information is communicated has a bearing on that.  There are several ways that employees may prefer to communicate, or may better understand communication.  The basic forms of communication are:

Visual—I see what you are saying.

Auditory—I hear your point.

Kinesthetic—Let’s see how that feels.

The majority of people learn via visual communication, approximately 80%—they need to see it.  A smaller percentage are auditory, maybe 15%—they need to hear it said.  The other five percent need to be “hands on.”  There may now be a fourth form—Digital.  While it likely fits into the Visual category, many people now need to receive a message or other electronic communication for information to “stick.”

On a personal level, it is important for you to determine what method a particular person prefers.  When communicating more broadly, though, to a group of employees, it is helpful to utilize means of communication that incorporate all or most of these methods.  For instance, with a policy change, it is helpful to discuss the change in a meeting, provide the written policy, send it via electronic message, and when possible allow the employees to experience in advance how the changes may affect their work.